jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

¡Feliz navidad!

Aunque el que suscribe y escribe sea agnóstico, nunca está de más felicitar la navidad, tiempo de paz, tiempo de amor, tiempo de frío y por tanto de estar más pegados los unos entre los otros, etc :)

Aquí os dejo la canción de Christmas Eve, de Blackmore's Night. Espero que os guste.

Say goodbye to November
She must be on her way
The cold winds of December
Look like they're here to stay
Me, I'll just count the snowflakes
As they start to fall
Getting lost in the beauty
The magic of it all

And our eyes filled with wonder,
As the reindeer take to flight

Its Christmas eve
Bells will ring
Through the town we gather to sing
Christmas eve
Has begun
Peace and love to everyone

Light the festive candles
Theyll chase the shadows away
Gathering round the yule log
With handfuls of holly
Winter winds will whisper
Through the shivering pines
Never have the stars looked brighter than tonight

2 comentarios:

Metalia dijo...

Merry Christmas!!

Noxbru dijo...

¡Feliz Newtondad! :D